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Orientation Correct Screen Width

The following code demonstrates a simple approach to getting the screen width, taking into account the current device orientation.

I use the following code to get the orientation. The containing class will be demonstrated in future articles, so I kept this format.

// Update viewport orientation //----------------------------- this.updateOrientation = function() { this.orientation = window.orientation; if(this.orientation === 0 || this.orientation === 180) this.orientation = 'portrait'; else if(this.orientation === 90 || this.orientation === -90) this.orientation = 'landscape'; else { // JavaScript orientation not supported. Work it out. if(document.documentElement.clientWidth > document.documentElement.clientHeight) this.orientation = 'landscape'; else this.orientation = 'portrait'; } };

If orientation is not directly supported, we are taking an educated guess based on the viewport dimensions.

This allows us to work out the corrected screen width.

// Update screen width //--------------------- this.updateScreenWidth = function() { this.screenWidth = screen.width; if(this.orientation === 'portrait') { // Take smaller of the two dimensions if(screen.width > screen.height) this.screenWidth = screen.height; } else { // Landscape. Take larger of the two dimensions. if(screen.width < screen.height) this.screenWidth = screen.height; } };


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